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anyone know is there a guide about jewel abilities or armor skill in kanji? I don't have the translation patch so I don't understand any of their abilities and my armor slot is all open right now(also I don't even know what my armor skill is *sob*). I only need to know what [Expert,Protection,Whim,Sharpener,Recovery Level
2 Jan 2011 For Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on the PSP, Armor Skill Reference Guide by SpiderCVIII.
Can anyone help to understanding these Jewel effectExample: expert,slam,unlock and else.Hope those MHP3 fans known these Jewel effect can share.Thx ^.^ no one will bother to list out all the functions for u, u need to specify just few and do ur homework on google :P monster hunter wiki have this info btw
29 Jan 2013 1st Generation Skill lists; Skills MH · Skills MHG · Skills MHF. 2nd Generation Skill Lists; Skills MH2 · Skills MHF2 · Skills MHFU. 3rd Generation Skill Lists; Skills MH3; Skills MHP3rd; Skills MH3U. Check out Skills for an explanation of what they are, what they do, and how to customize sets.
Jpn Name Rarity Slots Skills Points Materials Cost ??? Antidote Jewel 4 O Poison +1 Stun -1
For Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I don't understand skills, jewels, decorations, etc".
For Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on the PSP, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How do you add "skills"". Armor had skill already on them but you can add more skill on weapon shop, just select decoration option. You need to make the gem first and then put it on weapons or armors. It require a slot to do it, you can
Offensive Skills Japanese Translated Skills Materials Slots ????1? Attack Jewel [1] Attack+1
Skills that affect character and weapon stats Skills that affect elemental and status effect
You need to create decorations for the specific skill you want, you need at least 10 skill point to activate one skill,, to add decorations you'll be needing armor slots,, there are decorations that you can only put into 2 or 3 slots per armor piece.. for example: you want to increase your attack status,.. -just simply create attack